Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's Learn the Letter A

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Letter Lessons:
A while back I got all pumped to do these week-long lessons for each letter of the alphabet. I figured I could do one little thing a day to represent that letter.  Well, I have this personality where I want to get it all done right away. I like to get to the end result quickly.   Well, we did a day of letter A for what was supposed to be A week. And that's all we've gotten to! I think I tried to do too much for one day then lost my enthusiasm for it. Maybe I'll get back on it soon. Anyway, here were our A activities:

A scavenger hunt:  I taped little papers with As on them all around the house. The boys collected them.  I kept these out for a few days and kept hiding the letters at night.
I put a large letter A hanging over the table, with an Angel ornament below. I also put away all the fridge letters, except for the As.  We talked about them for a few nights at dinner.

I let the boys dress up in all my aprons. (I collect them and have been wondering what I'd ever do with so many. Who knew?!?) They particulary liked the aprons with pockets. They loaded the pockets with cars! 
I did most of this with them one evening after work, Brad was working late but I told him all about it. That evening they were saying the letter and pointing to it and all that good stuff (I swear!).   The next morning, when they boys were having breakfast, I said, "Boys, tell daddy what letter this is." They shouted with such confidence, "Peeee!" 

Wow. A is for Awesome.

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