Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fun in the Tub

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Bath time does not just have to be part of bedtime routine.  It is the quick winter alternative to swimming afterall, right?

All of these are really simple fun things to do.  And it may sound weird but I really did just have all of these things in my house already, except for the bath color tablets.

Bath Time Fun:
Water balloons in the tub were a hit! You should fill some with water and some with air so they see some sink and some float!

You can buy color tablets for bath time. My kids love them! I let them throw the colors in after they try to undress themselves without help.  Here is a blue bubble bath with blue toys. (maybe that could count for a letter B activity!)  We I sorted through all our bath toys to find only the blue ones. Not sure how well the color lesson worked because they think every color is blue now!

Glow sticks in the tub, with the lights out. Serious awesomeness! (The lights were out for this pic. That is all the camera flash!)

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  1. Great ideas! One of my boys hates the bath but this might make it more fun for him.