Thursday, January 26, 2012

I LOVE this kiddie art!

My mom asked that the boys color something for her for a Christmas present.  Um. No. Don't pretend like all the scribbles don't start to look the same!

I did some searches and landed on my usual go to activity sites:

Chasing Cheerios
Play at Home Mom

Colorful glass rocks in a frame to hang in the window.
Here We Go.

 washable clear glue (white glue is fine but doesn't dry quite as clear)
foam paint brushes
small clear suction cups with metal hooks (came in packs of 4 at walmart)
fishing wire
small metal screw-in loops (not sure how to describe them.  they come in picture hanging kits)
5X7 and/or 8X10 glass frames from Dollar Tree
glass beads/rocks from Dollar Tree

Before hand: Take out the backing on the picture frames so they only contain glass. You may also want to secure the glass to the frame with hot glue or more clear glue.  I did not secure it except for the metal tabs already there. Also, split up or count out the rocks you'll offer the kids.  I set out way too many and they were upset when the project ended with so many rocks left!

Pour glue on the front of the glass.  I had my kids use their foam paintbrushes to spread the glue, after a little demonstration.  I ended up spreading most of the glue for them, though!  Be sure you have a place ready to put the glue brushes aside.  And plan on using a lot of glue.

I set out little cups of the rocks, separated by color and placed one on the glass frame for them.  Then they got right to it!

They did a great job but eventually wanted to take the rocks off and put them back in the cups!  To help them realize they were all done when the frame was full, I had them lift it up and show their dad their work and let them set it up on a taller table (with some assistance). We talked about the fact that we had to leave it alone for a while to dry.

Right after, we did a second round with different rocks. I didn't take the backing off of these frames until they dried later but some of the glue leaked and stuck to the paper!

They were so proud of their work.

After they dried (I let them sit for a few days), I drilled small holes in the top and screwed in the little metal loops.  Then I tied doubled up fishing wire through the hooks. The suction cups stick to the window and you can hang it up with the fishing wire.  So bummed I didn't photograph the hanging technique!

We gifted a set to my mom since she asked for some art and a set to Brad's sister, Krissi who is an abstract artist.  She lives on a boat so won't have room to hang them there, but she has a small art studio with a large window to display them!

I really like these and really want a set for my own house! I bought WAY too many rocks and still have some extra frames so we'll definitely make another set for momma!

Suggestion: You may want to add more glue once the rocks are on the glass.  We shipped all of ours and some of the rocks came off.  At least they are easy to fix!

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