Sunday, August 21, 2011

this year.....

I want to encourage and motivate my students.
I want them to see my love of learning and to want the same.
I hope to be "there" each and every day.
I hope to get my classes to feel like a team.
I hope to make our lessons applicable.
I will not lose hope in any child's success, even the quitters.
I will "sell" the awesomeness of math.

I hope to remember to read this post in March when I'm tired, so are the students, and we both need to be re-inspired! =)

This year I'm teaching two different levels of Honors Pre Calculus. Yes this is our school's first time offering two levels of honors plus a regular pre cal. This year will also be the start of my 8th year of teaching (minus half a year during our move to Dallas). Uh...whoa....where did the time go? I do not feel like I've been teaching that long!

Whatever. Time must pass I guess.  Which reminds me: Brad always tells me about his Chemistry teacher in high school. He most remembers the sign above his clock.....which I totally copied for my new room this year.

Is that mean? These are Juniors and Seniors. They can handle it!  I put my favorite poster next to it. It reads, "If you want to succeed, get on your "try" cycle." And has an awesome little tricycle in the picture. Cheeseball-ness at its best.

So as bedtime approaches, I must say that I'm super excited to meet my new students tomorrow and to rock some awesome math lessons. Let's do this!

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