Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hold on tight!

Off to walmart for more packages of swim diapers. I should have kept track of my swim diaper purchases this summer to see how much it cost us!  I'm so cheap I still buy size small because there are 4 more diapers in the package than mediums...for the same price.  They should probably be in mediums but smalls do the job fine. I'm going to buy in bulk online to try to get the best deal!

So back to walmart. 

We don't get very far before the boys start fussing.  By fussing I mean screeching.  You can really tell when people see the twins and they want to be like, "oh look how cute!" but instead just keep walking and give me the pity look.   When they do this screeching (I know I've posted a lot about bad behavior lately but I swear they are good more often than not!) I usually just ignore them.  Once....maybe this same trip, a lady came up and started dancing and singing for them. They were shocked into silence.  I sincerely thanked her and made the boys say "thank you" and wave bye bye. 

Well, this trip, I didn't bring anything in but my phone, wallet and keys....no entertainment props.  Finally we make it to the baby section. I grab the swim diapers and hand them each a package. I said, "Please hold on tight to these swim diapers. Don't drop them!"

Um......can I just say this is the best idea I've ever had for an on-the-spot-toddler-tantrum-ender!

They carried those diapers through the store while I got everything else on the list.
It doesn't end there!

They handed them to me so the cashier could ring them up. I gave them back to the boys and they carried them all the way to the car. I loaded everything and everyone into the van, strapped the boys in and gave them the packages again. They held them all the way home.  At home, they carried them into the house, to their room and handed them to me to put in the closet. WHAT?

Hello new activity!!!!  - help mom carry things. yes!!!


  1. It's kind of funny - we have oodles of crap for these cute kiddos, yet they prefer the simple things. Like packages of diapers or, in HUT's case, anything within reach. :)