Sunday, August 14, 2011

and that'll do it

Kids are down. We'll be down soon........

since I have to work tomorrow!!! Boooooo!!!!!

No, seriously. Since I have to work at all, I feel very lucky to be in a career (ignoring pathetic pay here) where I get two months to spend with my little koalas.  It has been such a fun summer. Way better than last year when I was nursing, scared to leave the house with the two, getting spit up on, and still trying to hold on to my summer ideas pre-mom (mostly lots of failed attempts to lay out while they were napping.  Yep, gave that up....and it is better for my skin!!)

This summer, these boys experienced so much!  How much of it will they remember? None. But they are always learning and most of this business was fun for me, especially getting to see them so happy.

Birthday parties.

One crappy night of camping but with some fun during the day!

Two trips to the Children's Aquarium.

One trip to the zoo.
 Way too many trips to Fuzzy's Taco Shop.
Many visits to the sprayground.
Mom-free for a whole weekend.
Shameless enjoyment of fast food and ice cream.
Tie Dye party
Ranger's baseball game
 First fireworks show
 Swimming nearly every day.

 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th times on an airplane (we had a connection).
 First time at the beach.
First time on a bike.
One book reading at the public library (yeah, we got in trouble because my kids wouldn't sit down).
One trip to the Children's Museum.
Summer was officially 59 days long for me since I took a job writing curriculum for the week after school was out.   If you do the math there are many more days where we did a bunch of nothing like: breakfast, playroom time (i.e. mommy-drink-coffee-and-check-email time), nap, lunch, errands, snack, nap, outside play, dinner, bed.  You simply cannot do that every day!

I will miss spending the days with you two sweet boys but am grateful that I could.


  1. So sweet Rachael, Thanks for sharing!

  2. What you did in one summer is what I hope I can even accomplish in a whole year. You are awesome!

  3. Wow! You are turbo mom. Way to go, those are some lucky boys!