Tuesday, August 23, 2011

daycare aka school

Some call it school. I can't bring myself to call it school yet because it just isn't.

The other day I had a moment of clarity:  When my kids first started going to Virginia's house, all the kids seemed sooooo big and mine were just tiny little babies!  Well, those kids aren't so big! And mine aren't so small!  A few months in age difference is so much when they are babies but so little now!  Shocking to realize my babies are gettin' big.

diaper talk below: consider yourself warned

So, funny story:

Today, I picked the kids up from daycare. Virginia (who is completely awesome) said, "The rash Carter had on Monday may be from wearing the swim diapers too long or too much or maybe he pooped right when he got here Monday and we didn't catch it right away."  My two have sensitive bums so rashes are inevitable if the dirty isn't caught quickly!


I had no idea Carter had a diaper rash. It dawned on me that I haven't seen his booty since maybe Sunday night bath.  Well, it was Tuesday evening when I had this realization. That means I hadn't changed a diaper in like 48 hours.

How on earth does that happen, you ask?

Brad usually does the bedtime diaper while I brush their teeth, read to them, dress them, etc.
Brad also changes them on weekday mornings because I leave before the kids get up!
Monday I stayed at work way too long so was only home an hour before their bedtime, where Brad changes the dipes.

Yeah, so Brad has been doing all the changes.

Oops. Feeling a little guilty. And lucky! And not sure how Brad's going to take this when he reads this post! I might be on diaper duty for a while.

You are awesome and I love you, honey!

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  1. I've definitely realized this a time or two as well! Ooops. At least we are doing OTHER things!