Tuesday, August 30, 2011

don't drink the water!

In July, during our beach vacation, the strangest thing happened.....

and I totally forgot about it until right now.

We were letting the boys play around in the zero entry pool.  The entrance is beach-like and there is a mushroom fountain for kids to splash around in.

So I'm on Carter duty. Brad's on Nolan duty. Ginger is on Ronan duty. Aaron is filling the gaps.

So this kid... I mean he had to be 7 years old... starts heading over to the entrance where our kids are playing and we are monitoring.   He lifts his shirt and starts to pull his swim trunks down.  I'm thinking in my head, "oh his mom must have told him to go get dressed and he must be showing her that he was following her request or something"  Later, when talking to Ginger, she was thinking something similar.

Well, the trunks go to the ground, out comes the wee wee and this kid (yes I kind of want to use mean names here) starts pissing the most perfectly arched fountain right into the pool where our  kids splash..AND get quite a few accidental gulps of the pool filth than I'd like to admit.

Are you f-ing kidding me?!?!  Ginger and I totally crossed right into mom-squad mode and practically made the kid cut the stream off. "Excuse me. DO NOT pee in the pool. People are swimming in here!  STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"  Yes, I stood up and was leaning over and shaking my pointing finger at him.  Got the visual?  Oh I had my mom-voice, teacher-really-not-happy-with-student voice, angry-wife voice all out.  Ginger was all over it, too.  The poor kid was pretty shocked! 

But his shock seemed it was as if he had never been told not to pee in a pool....not that two random women were yelling at him.

Someone came running over....grandma we think. She grabbed him and quietly told him not to do that. She was embarrassed. I would've been!

I will try not to discipline someone else's child but COME ON!  I could care less for this instance.  If his mom was there I would have let her have it, too!

All that said, I do realize swimming pools have a pretty high percentage of urine in them anyway. But I'd rather ignore that lovely fact and a child pissing in a pool for all to see does not help me do that very well!


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  1. ugh! I try not to think about the pee when I'm at the wading pool with our toddlers but I guess it's impossible to ignore a situation like that.