Tuesday, July 12, 2011

bow tied toddler

I'm in LOVE with the adorable bow ties on Etsy.  Especially the ones by Divine Domestication and Buttered Toast.

They run anywhere from $10 to $25 and probably higher...I just didn't go that far in my search. =)

Today, I went to Hobby Lobby in pursuit of some sweet bow tie fabrics and $11 later, came home with some great finds and all the supplies needed to make my own bow ties.

Last night during my bow tie search (I looked other places besides Etsy) I came across a blog that explains how to make the bow ties. It seemed so simple. You can check out the instruction blog here. This lady made bow ties for little boys in a wedding featured by Martha Stewart!

Here is my first attempt.  The photo was taken before I added the neck strap.  I felt like the fabric was close to the look of the fabric on the instruction blog AND it totally matched the shirts I just bought at Children's Place for only $2.50! Please forgive my old iphone photo quality.

I finished it late this afternoon.  Once Brad got home from work, we completed our usual evening routine and just as we sat down for some TV time, he decided he needed to go hit some golf balls at the driving range. So off I went to the play room (that's where my sewing machine is set up).  I made a second attempt, also using the same instruction blog. This time I used her alternate technique and make a few changes so I could make a completely reversible bow tie!
It still isn't as flawless as I wish but that's why we say "handmade" right? And that's what happens when you don't TRULY know how to use your sewing machine and all its features.

I am really happy with my first two attempts, I must say......obviously since I'm blogging about them.

I also still have lots more fabric from my $11 spent! Hopefully each tie will be better than the last and perhaps I'll find the actual bow tie kit (the metal pieces that allow you to adjust the length and clip it easier). I just used a basic pinch clip.  Mine are still adjustable because you can clip it however tight you want.

How long did it take? I have no idea really but maybe 2 hours for the first and 1.5 for the second?  Hopefully I'll get faster. Hello Christmas presents!


  1. So cute! Can I order one for George? ;)

  2. You are nice! If I get faster with this, I might do an etsy shop!

  3. The second one is in the color scheme of the party I'm planning ;)

    I need you to teach me to sew - I'm intimidated by my machine.

  4. Rachael!!! These are SO cute! I'm thinking Baby Martin needs one of these, and I'm also thinking I might need to learn to sew and embrace whatever inner craftiness I might have :)