Tuesday, July 5, 2011

solo weekend!

Brad and I have stayed at a hotel, one night. Only time away from the boys since they were born!  Well, when I got wind of a bachelorette weekend where 8 of my long time, Paris, Kentucky girl friends would all be getting together, I simply couldn't miss it! As the date approached I started to get a little knot in the pit of my stomach. I would seriously miss the boys. Brad was totally up for the challenge of being solo with them but I have become so attached to my kiddos that I was pretty sad to leave them.  Luckily, I get some airport anxiety which takes over any and all other emotions I might be feeling at the time.  I gave a million kisses and didn't want to get out of the car to check in for my flight, but overall, I think the departure went well.

I flew into Charlotte on a Thursday night, late, rented a car and drove to my Sister-in-law's house.  I crashed for the night and got to spend a little QT in the morning with my neice and nephew.  Here's some cupcake joy with Landon.
Around 2pm, I hopped into my HHR rental and headed for Winston-Salem. I know!  Who doesn't want to bachelorette there!  Just a hair below Vegas.  Well, with this group of girls, we can make anywhere Vegas. And our friend Katie had just relocated there and we were excited to visit her new home base!
We snacked, enjoyed a few beverages, caught up on life and once the last of the girls arrived, we were back to our old selves.....as true friends can quickly do despite some of us living in different states! It was refreshing to spend time with these girls!  We had an amazing meal, all sitting at the dinner table like the grown ups we are now! (not sure how we got to be 30 so dang fast!)
The next morning, we had a surprise baby shower for Lauren!  She had no idea and was thrilled!
Later, we relaxed and prepped for the big night! and had some of the cutest decorations ever thanks to Julia!


Brad had been sending me picture texts of the boys.  They looked so happy in every picture and I could tell he was keeping them very busy! 
They were having a fun day with dada! but they didn't look like they missed me at all. =(

So back to W-S, the girls were headed for a fun night downtown!

A little bar hopping, all the while getting lots of attention for our bright shirts.  We do a shirt theme for each bachelorette.  This one comes from none other than Mr. T.  "Enough of the Jibba Jabba.  We gettin' married, foo!"  The perfect shirt for the soon to be Mrs. B.

Night night to the little ones back at home!  They are even brushing their teeth!

We had an awesome girls weekend with every one of us there! It was sad to leave but the wedding is right around the corner!

Sunday morning we all hopped in our cars and headed out. I drove back to Charlotte, and got a whole afternoon to spend with my neice and nephew again!  Here I am with Delaney after a nice swim!
And the boys?

More play......may have been the most fun they've had with all that playing!!!!

Monday morning, I headed to the airport, slept on the flight, and made it home.  As I walked through the terminal on my way out, I started getting teary eyed.  I simply couldn't wait any longer to see my family!  As healthy as it was for me to get out and have some girl time, and as awesome of a time that it was, I still started sobbing as I got closer to our car. 

Brad got out to get my bags, I got in the back and pulled sleeping Nolan out of his car seat and held him and sobbed over his shoulder. Seriously? Brad was like, what is going on? Are you okay?  Carter was just staring at me. Okay, so I strapped Nolan in and went to the other side and did the same to poor Carter.

Next a kiss for my awesome husband.  I was so thankful he handled home base for so long without missing a beat! .......even though we are just about equal with all the golf he's been playing lately! =)

I'm not sure the boys really missed me all that much. But then again, they don't really understand time.  For all they know, I just ran to the grocery store and came right back. =)

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