Wednesday, July 27, 2011

leashes in the airport

Here is my third and possibly final post about child leashes:
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On our way to our Seabrook Island, SC vacation, we had a layover in Atlanta. We decided that would be a good time to let the boys walk lots to get their energy out after being forced to sit still for nearly 2.5 hours on the first leg.  We found a less crowded area, had snack time in the stroller, changed some diapers then strapped on the leashes. Brad pushed the stroller which now held our diaper bag and rolly suitcase. I held the leashes/boys. 
They were ready to go!

We only needed to walk about 3 gates down but that was one rough walk! Nolan pulls too hard (he's the runner of the two) then feels the tug and falls down. Carter pulls hard in the wrong direction and gets very mad when he can't go!  (He's the loud one of the two).

Yes, people stared.

I, once again, found myself saying things like, "Oh I don't know about these leash things." or "This is tough!"  Out I'm apologizing to everyone or something.

The airport is a bustling place as you know but the area we were in wasn't all that busy.   I didn't think we were holding people up or anything.  But I guess when each kid goes a different way, we can span near 9 feet across the way! 

It was a quick walk and after repeatedly telling the boys, "follow dada! go get dada!" with little or no results, I grabbed their hands with the leashes dangling and we made it to our gate. Off came the leashes. They were shoved into our carry on and were not pulled back out until we unpacked after our trip.  We never took a picture either.....and I knew I'd be blogging about it.

I'm not going to use them for a while. Maybe the leash is actually easier for one child.  Maybe they'll be easier when the boys are a little older?  Maybe I haven't used them in the correct setting yet.  I'll try again. I'll even take the leashes with me when I go solo with the boys to certain locations. But my review is finished.   I don't like my experiences with the child leashes!

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