Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am hereby confessing that I'm obsessed with dressing my little koalas.

I have serious issues.  I HAVE to coordinate their outfits! It drives Brad crazy. It all began with newborn gifts. Lots of matching outfits and some coordinating. We don't have anymore exact matching outfits but when I pick out their clothes each night for Brad to dress them the next day, I HAVE to give them coordinating shorts (same style, different color) and coordinating shirts (two polos or two black t shirts with different designs or two cartoons shirts, etc.). Or they each wear rompers or something like that. It doesn't seem right if they are in completely different outfits. It is ridiculous, I know!  It has even gone so far as this: Someone handed down size 6 blue crocks and size 4 black/red crocks. Though their feet are practically the same size, Carter's are really chuncky. He wears the blue and Nolan's toes barely (but comfortably) fit in the red ones. If a shirt has more blue than red, and the crocks seem like the best shoe choice for the day's activities, the shirts have to match accordingly. It will drive me crazy if they don't. Now I've always known there to be a bit of OCD in my blood but I'm not going to apologize for this. I do not care what you think (Brad). This is a pleasure that I will continue to enjoy until my kids begin to voice their own personal style preferences. I worked very hard to get TWO baby boys here safely and now I will take advantage of the fact that they have no say in their attire. Dress up is FUN!!

So, I adore this Easter picture.
They are caught in the moment but don't look too goofball like many of our pictures turn out. And....I love their outfits.

I'm going to pretend like people care so here's the info on their outfits from a mother with a tight wallet who likes to shop.

Dress shirts:
Both are Gymboree. One is striped and one is checked. Currently, I can only find short sleeve button downs online and those are originally $22.95 each. So I'd imagine these cost that or more. BUT...I bought them at Kid to Kid.  They were marked at $6.99 each but at the counter I was made aware that they were 50% off. So they were around $7 total for both!

One was handed down from family. Ralph Lauren. The other was purchased at another kid consignment store, Once Upon a Child, Old Navy brand.  I can't remember the price. Actually, there is a good chance it was handed down, too. Sometimes I can't remember.

Carter's pair are GAP, a gift from his Auntie Krissi. She got Nolan a blue matching pair but his feet are so thin and the velcro straps won't go tight enough. We bought his pair at Walmart for around $5.  The material is thin and we can pull the velcro straps tight enough to criss cross them.

Here's the splurge. $12.99 each at myfavoritepal.com. I also bought Brad a matching one there for $16.99. He wouldn't go so far as to match them on this particular day but he likes the tie anyway!  It is cute gift idea!

The boys' Easter outfits came to a total of around $40.  I don't feel too bad about that. Without the ties it was only $12 total for two outfits!

Another future dressy purchase I'll be making soon for these boys is bow ties. I love many of the ones on Etsy and am particularly digging this one:

made by Buttered Toast
We are attending two weddings this fall so let the dress up begin continue!


  1. I have an important event coming up in December where those bowties would fit in perfectly with the party theme. Maybe that would be an excuse for the boys to wear them?

    And, yes, I'm already planning HUT's first birthday. Sue me.

  2. Well then I'm getting excited for HUT's birthday!!! I'll take all the dress up excuses I can get!