Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sullivan Sunday

Sullivan starts his second round (of 6) of chemotherapy Tuesday.  Read a recent post about him here.  And check out his Caring Bridge page here.

He is seriously hanging in there!  He is very talkative and friendly. Yesterday, we watched him play his season ender baseball game. He hit the ball far and ran fast but said his favorite position was outfield.  Later, we swam at his pool and grilled out. He ordered special macaroni and cheese pizza from Cici's though. He let me try it and it was delicious!  Sullivan swam lots and played some games then sat out back with us and chatted for a while before heading to bed. It makes me sad that now that he is back to being strong, he has to be shot down again.

I'm sure he'll be in the hospital for several days, home for a few, then back in the hospital when his temperature spikes. Then he has to build himself back up for the next cycle in 28 days.  He is strong!!

Send your prayers to the Jones family as they take on round two!

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