Thursday, June 9, 2011

bowl of mischief

Last week, I had just gotten the boys home from daycare and I was quickly changing into my jogging clothes so I let the boys roam free in the house for a bit.  This is a typical weekday, 5:15 pm event.

This time, though, I heard a bit of .............


I walked out of my room, down the hall a tad, into the guest bathroom...

and discovered this.
Toilet water splattered, a basket of travel size toiletries all over the place and clearly in the toilet.  Thanks, boys!

Momma:  This is a no-no!

Nolan: I was right here, pulling toilet paper from the roll, the whole time! Carter must have done it.
Carter: What? I was bringing you this bottle of baby soap so you could give me a bath.
and, yes, I did run and get the camera so I could show and tell all about this fabulous incident.

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