Thursday, June 24, 2010

babies are funny

4 month check up, 6/11/10:

Carter weighed 15.5 lbs (55th percentile). Nolan weighed 12.5 lbs (20th percentile).

Both boys are approximately the same height (50th percentile).

Both of their heads are about the same size (15th percentile).

We are planning to start rice cereal around the 5 month mark (that's very soon!).  We'll be starting homemade baby food just before the 6 month mark.

First colds. Check.  First ear infections. Check. Those gave us 8 days and nights of wondering who took our babies and when they would be back. But they came back, better than ever.

I'm absolutely loving being home with the boys. I feel like I'm finally, really getting to know them.  And I feel very lucky to get to be home with them during the summers.

Babies are funny.

It is called the "sea of orange" and it is a very peaceful place.

It is not my fault. Mom had mexican food.

Wherever, whenever. Just let me sleep. Who knows what is all over this boy's shirt.  Wait, I do know. It is lots of spit up and drool!

Really, mom?  But we actually do like the hats, Pammy. Thanks!

Oh my gosh I love other babies. They are so cool, you just don't even understand. But let's play "What's in the background." Why is everyone wearing plaid shorts?

Okay, it's your turn now. Let me carry you like this. It's really comfortable.

Werd. Starting the trend. You know it.


Mom, in Texas in the summer, it doesn't matter how early you get up to go for a walk, it is still too hot. Please stop. That is not a problem at all, kiddos!

Where did my dining room table go? Oh, it has been eaten by two giant green highchairs.

This man has wanted a new grill for at least 6 years. Happy Father's Day.  Dad loved walking out back to find this lovely surprise only moments after he got back from hitting some golf balls!

Yeah, yeah, yeah so you can roll on your tummy and lift your head and chest. It is kind of getting on my nerves because you practically always roll into my personal space.  I can roll onto my tummy, too. I just don't particularly enjoy it.

I'm sorry, let's hug and make up.

Ever ask yourself, "Why does Carter have the same face in every picture?" He wants you to know that he smiles a lot, too. Mom and Dad just aren't very good at catching it on camera. But here's one.

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