Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mother of the year

First, some cuteness, but stay tuned for four short stories below:

One morning, Carter jumped so much that he passed out!

We were so excited to help the boys find their feet but Nolan is now obsessed with his.

Brad's mom visited!  So glad she could spend some QT with the boys!

She helped us serve the first bit of rice cereal!

We had some Fourth of July dress up time. (My mom took no shame in printing this on the front page of my hometown newspaper!)

And lots of swimming:

Four Short Stories:

1.  I typically do my fingernails and toenails myself unless I'm headed to a wedding. Well, today I just came home from a mani and pedi since my bro is getting married in Tulsa this weekend. But lately, I guess I haven't quite had the time to maintain and Brad totally just told me that I should keep getting manicures and pedicures. Awesome.

2.  We have settled into a laundry routine. One load a day. Whites, then colors, then whites, then colors...etc. It isn't all baby clothes. It is mostly my clothes and Brad's clothes that have been spit up on several times and burp cloths that have attempted to catch spit up and failed and cleaned up the mess instead.

3.  I think it may be official: I overreact to medical concerns.  In the last several weeks of pictures, I seriously have been concerned about Nolan's eyes. To me, they look like one turns in some.  After reading too much online and freaking out, I made an appointment with the pediatrician for the next day. I even brought the laptop with a folder specifically filled with pictures where his eyes look off. The doctor was so nice in not making me feel like a crazy lady. She said my concerns were very valid but that Nolan just has a wider nasal bridge that covers some of the eye white, making the eye appear to be positioned a little differently. Whew!

You know, at one point, several months ago, I even thought Nolan may have had ringworm on his scalp.  Crazy, I know.  He didn't. But isn't my concern justified by the fact that my dog had recently had ringworm and Nolan lost all hair on top and his scalp was peeling? Needless to say, the hair on top of his head is now plentiful.

Looking back, I was paranoid about a lot of things. Lots with Nolan, maybe because he was baby B and had some issues in the womb early on. But there have been some Carter concerns along the way, too.  I'll just have to work on that: relax and cautiously trust that my babies really are healthy as can be!

Now, here is behavior that is the complete opposite of that of a worrier!

4.  One day, I was in a hurry to get out the door, as usual, since it always takes a lot longer than I expect and I have limited time to get out and back in time for the next feeding. Both babies were fussy. Nolan was hanging out while I changed and prepared Carter.  I set Carter in his carseat on the floor while I grabbed Nolan to get him ready to go. I thought about strapping Carter in but that would take too long so I gave him a toy instead thinking that should occupy him and he wouldn't try arching his back and sliding out of the seat. Nolan and I walked out back to let Mallie out. She has to be escorted passed the pool, to the grass or she won't go do her business. On the way, I felt something warm on my arm. I looked down to discover poop. Nolan poop. His is special because he doesn't go very often but when he does, it is extreme. (I know, I know, we are in for a real surprise when they start eating real food!) Anyway, I changed my hold so I had both his ankles in one hand (the poopie hand) and his neck and back in the other. "I am NOT getting this on my clothes!" I thought. We headed back inside, walked passed Carter having a grand ole time with his toy so Nolan and I had some quality clean-up time. After maybe one or two minutes, I heard a thud and completely freaked out! I threw Nolan in the crib (okay I didn't throw him and at least I didn't leave him on the changing table) and ran down the hallway to find Carter on his belly, on the hardwood floor, smiling at me while playing with his crinkle book.

It seems I had forgotten that Carter is more interested in rolling over than he is in arching his back to squirm out of things. I think the boy rolled over while inching his way down the carseat. I don't think his landing was the "thud" sound, either. I think he made a smooth transition to the floor and was there for a bit with his arm hanging on the carseat and when his hand let go, the carseat rocked back and hit the wall behind it, causing said "thud." At least that's what I tell myself. Why else would he not have cried?

Wait, there's more.

I picked Carter up and loved on him some, mostly to help decrease my heart rate. I put him in the carseat and buckled him up.  Then I went to the boys' room to get Nolan out of the crib and I notice his lovely face! It seriously had poop on it! This is ridiculous! The icing on the cake! Or should I say, the poop on the face!  I cleaned his face and buckled him into his carseat.  By this point, I was laughing and the boys were smiling at me with pity. Poor crazy lady.  Moving on, I let mallie in, grabbed the diaper bag and both carseats and headed out the door with a glistening face. (And we were probably just making our almost daily trip to walmart).

I'll be waiting for my "Mother of the Year" certificate in the mail.

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  1. Hahahaha! So funny. I'd vote for you for Mother of the Year. I get those looks of pity from my two also. Ah two days are ever alike but it is always an adventure!