Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Boys

Here's the picture link.  We've added a May album.

A couple of weekends ago, we went to a lake house with the boys. They LOVED being outdoors for so long. They were so good!

Their cousin, Hawthorne, continues to love on these boys! She adores them!

Jessie is continuing to do a great job with the boys! Her boyfriend, Albert, flew in from NYC for a long weekend. It was his birthday weekend and Jessie took him out and about in Dallas.  And of course, he got to spend some quality time with the boys! 

It was also Mother's day recently. Let me tell you. If you are thinking of having kids....DO IT! Mother's Day is awesome. In my opinion, there are few things better than feeling appreciated. My day began with babies waking before I wanted to get out of bed, so they joined me there. We snuggled for a while and they were in such great moods! Brad came in later with yellow Tulips and a card with the sweetest note! Tears! The words "good job" go such a long way. Then he fixed a yummy breakfast while the boys and I lounged. Albert and Jessie were so incredibly nice to surprise both Brad and I with a couples massage that afternoon. They sent us out with directions to an unknown place.  It was WONDERFUL!  That evening, we grilled out and enjoyed s'mores over the fire pit.  It was an absolutely perfect day.

Recently, some of my college friends finally got to meet the boys! Thanks for having the brunch, Kristin!  We had a fun afternoon and the boys definitely loved all the spoiling!  It was also great to meet Alice, Hilary's daughter, only 3 weeks older than the boys.

On a sour note, what is up with all the spit up lately?  Sometimes, it is just a little...comes up with the burp. But then sometimes, just after they finish a bottle, they decide they don't want to keep it all down and out comes a couple of ounces! Gross! It has gotten in my hair, down my shirt, on the floor. We go through so many burp clothes it is ridiculous! I'm over it now and just put on my junk clothes as soon as I come home.

But it will always be fun to dress the boys and take pictures! 

It is so exciting when we catch the boys becoming aware of each other! They are FINALLY looking at each other and taking some interest.

They boys are absolutely joyful in the mornings! They eat lots and lots during the day and Jessie plays with them lots and teaches them lots! In the evenings, they can be fussy. There are some good nights, but usually when 6:30pm hits, they become quite needy. Nolan LOVES bedtime. You set him down in his crib and he turns his head and falls right to sleep. Carter screams for about 3 minutes (Nolan doesn't budge) then he passes out, too. I think overall, they are good with bedtime and we are pretty lucky.

Both boys have a great time on the tummy mat. They have gotten lucky a few times and actually grabbed on to one of the awesome toys hanging over them. So cute. They'll then hang on to it like their life depends on it!
They still hate tummy time, though!  We continue to work on it! They can lift their heads pretty well on the boppy now and when on your chest. And they can sit up in their bumbo seats. But, when lying flat on their tummies, they just don't want to lift their heads! We'll get there!

Recently, we did a video chat with my mom, my granny and my cousin, John! It was so fun! It was so wonderful for my Granny to get to see my house and see the boys in real time!  I can't wait for her to really meet them. 

We had some outdoor time for a photo shoot with their new bumbo seats. They don't realize it yet, but they are really loving the bumbos!  It looks like Carter is pouting while Nolan lectures him about his lack of drool control during photo shoots. 

And can you believe it.....They are sleeping from 8:30 pm to anywhere from 5 to 7 am! CRAZY! We feed them then put them back to bed and they'll sleep until 8:30 or 9am! I really do feel like myself again. Thank you babies! But now that we can typically count on them to sleep longer, we are going to bed later.  We are pushing it!

I am seriously looking forward to the next three weekends!  We are busy and these boys are traveling!  Austin, then Nashville, then Kentucky! They'll get to meet so many more friends and family. I cannot wait!


  1. Wow! They are so big and absolutely adorable! Seeing those pics with all the girls makes me sad I don't live in Dallas. I am really looking forward to our visit in July. Congratulations on the sleep! They sound like good little sleepers! We are still fighting with Clara about bedtime and sleeping through the night. I know it will come eventually! I am so glad things are going well and I love watching these boys grow. Keep up the good work Momma!!

  2. Momma, Granny, BeccaMay 27, 2010 at 9:27 PM

    Oh my gosh... I've laughed until I've cried.... I can't wait to see you all! I'm stressed about my house... but I'm thinking I'll just play with babies and you and Brad and Jessie and Albert can deal with my house..... I'm so excited to see all of you!