Friday, June 18, 2010


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My college friend, Carolyn, was married a few weekends ago, in Austin. It was the boys first trip out of town! The hotel set up two pack n play cribs in the room. They even had pillows and mini hotel sheets on them. The top sheet was even folded down. So cute! Carter and Nolan slept just fine in the hotel so that was a relief!

I have to say that I cannot find any of the pics I took from this trip! I'm so upset! There were seriously some great ones! Makes me feel ill!  I just know I downloaded them but can't find them on my computer now. And they are no longer on my camera.  So frustrating! So I stole a few from some friends on facebook.

Two of my college friends just had baby boys. Ryder (between the twins) was born in December and Tristan (far left) was born in February.  It was so fun to have all our boys together!

We brought so much stuff, our hotel room looked like a nursery!  Jessie was wonderful! She watched 3 babies while we enjoyed ourselves at the wedding.  Here she has them all calm for a few moments. There were a few times she was pretty stressed with all the crying! It was a good thing that  Tristan's grandmother stopped in to help some!

The wedding was beautiful! Carolyn was a gorgeous bride!
Maybe my pics will appear soon!

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