Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 months old on May 3!

Time is absolutely flying!
Here's the link to the picture website.  I've added more pictures to the April album.

We don't go to the pediatrician again until they are 4 months old so I'm guessing on their weights. I think Carter is around 13 lbs. and Nolan around 11 lbs.

They continue to surprise us every day and every night.  =)

Each of them have had 9 hours of straight sleep at night; they are just not consistent with it.  Brad and I did discover that if they wake up before 3am, we can give them a passie and get them to sleep another 1-3 hours! Carter still battles bedtime, but usually after 10 minutes of serious "I don't want to go to bed" screaming, he does pass out and sleep well!  Here is a pic of Brad reading to the boys. Looks so pleasant!....if only every night was like this. I don't think this has happened again since!
Nolan is becoming a better eater so I think the acid-reflux (if that's what it was) is finally settling.

The boys did great at daycare...or maybe I should say Carla did great taking care of them! It can be tough when they both are crying at the same time!

April 24th, my sister, Jessie got here. She has completed over one week of being the best nanny ever!  She said she was so nervous Sunday night that she could hardly sleep. She'd only held the babies as newborns, when all they did was sleep and look around silently!

By this point, she really knows their behaviors and is working on getting them on a twice-a day nap schedule so they aren't just taking cat naps all day.  She is doing a great job feeding them at the same time, giving them tummy time, soothing them, changing them and entertaining them! Go Jessie!

Today it was clear that the boys love her...Carter, at least. He was on my lap and she leaned in and he just smiled like crazy!

Speaking of smiles, they are smiling much more now and cooing in delight when they like something! It is so wonderful! It makes us completely forget their fussy times!  Brad seems to have the skills though because he captured them on camera in the morning.  Here's Carter, followed by Nolan.

Now we are totally working on getting these boys to lift up their heads and chests when they are on their tummies. Carter is really strong with his head and legs and loves standing. Nolan is a kicker and in the last week has gotten much stronger with his head, too.  These are some big heads on little bodies! Baby proportions are crazy! No wonder is is so tough for them to learn that strength.
You can really see Carter's herniated belly button here. Both of them had it for a while but Nolan's has completely gone down. Carter's has gotten a little smaller. It is common in premie babies and in twins but is not a big deal and typically goes away near 4 months.

This past Saturday, Jessie, myself and the boys completed the Heels and Hills 5K. No, we did not jog the whole time. We walked some and jogged some. Seriously after mile one, I already felt my thighs tightening up. My muscles are still not even close to what they were before bed rest!  Well, I could barely jog a mile before anyway.   But we are on our way! 
I was so glad to have a double jogging stroller to use! It was an early mother's day gift from Brad, Jessie, Albert and the boys. Perfect!

A few nights ago, we went out for mexican food. I ate so much....I mean it was a little ridiculous. Anyway, we learned a good lesson the next day. Babies and Mexican food do not go well together. Each of them filled their diapers like it was their job and both overflowed a couple of times. Once while we were in Old Navy the next day. Awesome!  Brad was a champ and changed them both in the restroom there. We had thrown out 3 long sleeve white onesies so far this day so we went ahead and replaced those with some new Old Navy ones!  We haven't had much luck getting poo stains out of their clothes!

And what is up with these boys and the TV!  They are just fascinated by it. I guess it is the flashing lights and changing colors.  We have to limit the TV time!  Here they are in Daddy's green chair!
Carter looks sooooo much bigger than Nolan here. I really don't think they are that far apart in size....it is a little distorted from the way they are sitting and because Carter can hold his head up so well.

I can't lie...I LOVE going out with the babies and showing them off! So many people just love to see babies...especially two of them at once...and twins! But the timing still has to be just right so they are happy when they are out and about!


  1. They make me laugh! I want to see them! I miss all of you...you, too, Jessie!
    I love you!

  2. Rachy! Thanks for sharing! I love reading and seeing your pictures. I admire y'all so much just for keeping up a normal life and being on the go.. you inspire me! I am sorry I have not visited y'all... I am dying too though. I have a feeling though I'll have some free time here in the next couple weeks. I would love to come when Jessie is here! Love you! Dawn

  3. They are getting so big! Time flies doesn't it? Congratulations on the sleep! It is the best thing in the world and once you start sleeping again everything else gets easier. We are coming to Dallas on July 30 with the twins and I asked Lea to put a play date together with all the DG babies. I hope you guys can come. Take care and sending our love your way.