Tuesday, December 1, 2009

These babies must have really enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast!

Woke up early and even though we'd be at the Dr's office soon, I asked Brad to give me the weekly Tuesday shot so he could practice. He got all stressed out for bit but ended up doing a great job!

I was so super excited to leave the house today! It was such a fun time! Seriously!

We arrived at Dr. Martin's office and headed down to the sono room. We were quite anxious to see how my week at home had affected my cervix. It measured 3.1 cm, compared to 3.5 cm prior to checking out of the hospital. Dr. Martin thinks this could even be from having an active morning: showering, getting ready, and sitting in the car and in the waiting room for over an hour. She thinks the measurement is a very good one and that I must be doing a pretty good job staying on bed rest. This is great news! I just need to keep doing what I'm doing. She also told me I looked great. Ha ha. That's because she saw me looking so rough in the hospital every day!  

And now for the weights...and the reason for the title of this post: The babies gained about a half a pound in a week! Wow! I guess they enjoyed all the turkey and stuffing! Baby A is 2.2 lbs and baby B is 2.1 lbs. They also measured the femur and abdomen to estimate the gestational ages. They are both about 2-3 days behind schedule, according to my projected due date....which is perfectly fine! I'm technically 27 weeks and 2 days. I've been pregnant for 6 months!

I, on the other hand have reached a gain of 35 lbs! I think I'll have gained 50 by the time I deliver. Dr. Martin thinks this is also just fine! She measured my belly while letting us know the measurement is medically irrelevant, just fun. I have a belly the size of someone who is 35 weeks pregnant! She said she had another not-so-tall patient expecting twins, who measured at 43 weeks pregnant when she was only 35 weeks! Imagining my belly getting even bigger is crazy! I can barely get off the couch without help as it is! Dr. Martin wants to see me in two weeks. Then after that, I'll have appointments weekly.

After the appointment, we went to the drugstore to pick up the shot refill and followed Dr. Martin's instructions to get our flu shots. I had already gotten the seasonal so just needed H1N1. Brad got both. We are all vaccinated now! And neither of us has ever gotten any flu shot ever before! By the way this was a really cute drugstore and I was in heaven for a few minutes, looking around at the Christmas gift section! Shopping in store is just so much better than online!

Back home, I rested for quite a while after sitting and standing for so long. Later, I wrapped some Christmas gifts then went back to the couch for the rest of the evening! Brad worked the rest of the day from home. It is so nice when he is here during the day!

Goal number 1: 26 weeks: reached!
Goal number 2: 28 weeks: only 5 more days!
Goal number 3: 32 weeks: Dr. Martin says, "If we get to this point, we've won the battle!"
Goal number 4: 36 weeks: My personal goal to not deliver until February!

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  1. I'm happy to hear that the babies are doing well! I'm thinking of you guys!
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