Monday, December 7, 2009

Sleep and Sonos

I am finally allowing myself to not feel guilty for sleeping in. I have always associated sleeping in with being lazy. That doesn't mean I didn't do it most weekends anyway, but now I'm like, "Seriously? What are you going to do when you wake up anyway? Yard work? Paint a room? No, not so much." And as many people have pointed out already, I should be taking advantage of the sleep now, while I can!

Sleeping is really becoming quite a challenge anyway. I'm a bit uncomfortable. Part of the problem could be that our mattress slopes in the middle.  That is definitely a purchase on our to do list! The other part is that I get restless legs (yes this syndrome exists and is more common in pregnant women!) and I can't sleep on my belly like I so want to. And to top all of that off, Brad and Mallie both like to snore all night!  This is why it is absolutely okay to sleep in. And for some reason, when 7am rolls around, I have no problem sleeping soundly for quite a while longer!

We record the TLC show, "Bringing Home Baby" and we only watch the twin episodes.  It tries to capture life in the first 48 hours home with your new babies. On almost every episode, the couple is up on day two and says "last night went well, maybe even better than we expected........we slept a couple of hours."  Brad and I just look at each other in awe.  I really hope we can function on little sleep for those first few....days, weeks, years.

Okay enough about sleep. I have finally uploaded the sonograms. Click here to view them! There are 50 right now and more will be coming soon! Here is my most favorite sonogram so far. It is the boys side by side, in a similar position, with their hands in almost the same position! It was taken October 5, 2009 when I was 19 weeks pregnant.

Sunday, I reached our second goal of 28 weeks! Yipee! Coming up are the 32 weeks and 36 weeks goals.

Here is what twins look like in the womb around 28 weeks. These are shown in the vertex position (head down), but both of mine were breech (feet down) at our appointment last week! It is good to know that they can still swim around and change positions, though!

Coming soon: Pictures tracking my belly growth. 


  1. I can totally identify with you right now! Sleep has become very hard for me too-no matter which way I turn or how many pillows I use! Let me second the advice of many though-having 2 already at home-get all the sleep you can now!