Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Tuesday and Wednesday home turned out just fine. I felt like I was bossing Brad around a bit but I think we have things settled now.  Our first means of entertainment was to watch "A Baby Story."  There was a dog on the show that looked so much like Mallie! We totally busted her watching the dog on TV and had to take a picture!

I think we were watching that show while enjoying the awesome catered dinner that my Paris girlfriends sent us.  So wonderful!

My brother, Nate and his girlfriend, Molly, drove down from Tulsa Wednesday night. We took it easy with them all weekend. It was great to hang out with them and to boss my brother around some to give Brad a break!  For Thanksgiving, we ordered the Boston Market special. I'm not even kidding you, the food is so good. Everything! You still feel like you are preparing a meal because it takes about 2 hours to get everything prepared and we used all our china and silver.  It was perfect! We are still working on the left overs.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the webcam with my families. They did a little shower at my dad's house and another one at my granny's house the next day.  Brad and I had planned on taking a road trip home for the weekend but since that was out of the question, the webcam was perfect! It was really cool to see everyone that was there! And we really appreciate all the thoughtful gifts!  We plugged the computer into our big screen and had quite a nice view of the family fun!

The Lawyer Family

The Brannon Family

Saturday and Sunday were relaxing in every sense of the word. We did nothing!  Brad deserved the break after all of his hard work.

Now it is Monday, my first day home alone all day has passed. It went well. I would have liked to have gotten up earlier but what's the point? It was hard to pass the time. I told Brad I was worried that I would just be lazy and watch TV all day and I did that until lunch time.  Finally in the afternoon, I updated my to-do list. Seriously...that makes all the difference in the world. Now I have some purpose. I even designated what I would like to accomplish each day. Tomorrow I will spend an hour finishing the hem on the nursery curtains (after Brad sets up the sewing machine, of course). It will be just like going to group in the hospital!  Other than that, I plan to do some research online and maybe knit a new scarf.  Oh, and I really am going to start reading the Twilight series this week.  I think tomorrow will be a better day if I feel like I've accomplished something!

I had a wonderful dream last night. My siblings and I were playing indoor cornhole (or the game some of you call "bags") and some nurses brought me my brand new baby boys! I got to see them for the first time!  I remember staring at them so closely and analyzing every little feature and thinking they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life.  I cannot wait to meet them, but we have to wait...8-9 more weeks, please!  The dream reminded me that it will all be worth the bed rest once I get to hold our babies for the first time!

I'm super anxious about tomorrow.  We have our first appointment after being home for one week. I hope Dr. Martin thinks I'm doing a great job at home and that there is nothing but stability for her to see!

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