Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Made it Home!

I would like to say that when I walked through the doors of my house, I was so overcome with joy that tears streamed down my face.  That wasn't the case. I had thrown up in the car (in my big, fancy Baylor Hospital cup) most of the drive home and had a tough time taking it all in like I wanted to.  I hadn't felt all the great for the past two mornings. I blame that one on my usual morning sickness that has yet to cease during this pregnancy! And I think the motion of the car got to me since I haven't been mobile in so long. Regardless, I felt better not too long after and am so amazed at how much work Brad has done!  We now have shelves in two different closets and in our laundry area, the crown molding in three rooms looks wonderful and the house was spotless! We didn't end up calling in a cleaning service because we decided to save it for our trip to the hospital next year! Brad did a great job. Usually I tease him about being 90% with housework but this time it was definitely 100%!  (I never like when people say "one million percent" and things like that. Otherwise I guess it would be appropriate to use here! he he).

So back at the hospital, I had my sonogram at 7am. Baby A is 1 lb, 14 oz, and Baby B is 1lb, 13 oz.  This is right on track!  They were both breech (feet down) at the sono, but by the time the nurse came to monitor, Baby A was head down!  They are moving like crazy!  I was not aware of this, but apparently, they stop measuring lengths at this point becaue it is so tough to get the whole body on the screen. Oh well, their femur lenghts were good and my cervix still looked great, too. Brad came and gave my butt shot. Ha Ha Ha!!! He was so nervous, hands shaking and all, but did a great job!  Actually, it hurt less than when the nurses did it! There are two big circles drawn in magic marker, indicating the locations that are okay for the needle. He took notes and everything since it is only given once a week.  There are actually several little steps involved! He packed up all my stuff and we headed out! 

Once home,  I recovered from the driving situation mentioned earlier and Brad ran to the grocery and then got my prescriptions filled. 

I sat in the nursery for a while and took these pictures to share: 

My favorite right now are the paintings that match the dolls in the cribs!  They are called Ugly Dolls and apparently there are several different characters even though they all look pretty similar (ugly) and cute! Thanks for those, Kristine!  Brad's other sister, Kari, painted watercolor scenes with the Ugly Dolls. They are so amazing!  They match the nursery perfectly and are so well done.  This is what inspired me to try to draw that one day in the hospital!  Thank you so much for these, Kari!

All that's left to do in the nursery is set up the bookcase (Thank you, Bobbi!)  that will go on the wall not shown in any of the pictures. And we also need to hang more pictures or art on the walls.

I'm actually looking forward to catching up on some of my DVR shows tonight and tomorrow and the next day and so on.  It seems Brad has hardly watched any of them either (more proof that he was working like crazy while I was gone). I've already had to ask him to do little things for me here and there and he is being so patient. He did say he misses the nurses, though. Me too! I'll see my doctor in one week and I'm really hoping that she sees consistency, showing that I'm following her strict bed rest orders well.  She told me that after 32 weeks of stability, she may lessen the restrictions.  That will be right after the new year. Thanks again for all the love, support and prayers!  They must be working because women usually don't go home from the antepartum floor very often! I feel fortunate!


  1. LOVE the nursery!! So cute! Brad was definitely busy while you were gone. Glad you're home!


  2. The nursery is adorable! I LOVE the Ugly Dolls. Again, glad you're home safe and sound.