Thursday, November 19, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I finally had my sonogram. It was supposed to be this morning, but there was some emergency with the doctor so she had to leave. She came back this evening to finish the sonos, around the same time that Dr. Martin was here checking on me. Dr. Martin decided to stay to watch the sono to get the latest on my cervix measurement. Brad was here too so we had a nice crowd in the sono room...rooting my cervix on! Well, the numbers were good and my cervix length has remained in the "normal" range for another week! This means I'll definitely be going home on Tuesday! I'm thrilled.

You would think that if my cervix length is normal that I should be able to go about my business and live normally. But really, the good length is due to the stitch and my bed rest. If bed rest were to stop, perhaps my cervix couldn't stand it and we'd be right back in the hospital. I'm feeling good about the rest of my pregnancy and will continue making it my priority to be horizontal as much as possible!

I have another sonogram scheduled for Tuesday, my release day and the same day Brad has to give me the shot!  I actually have to wait until then to get the lengths and weights. I would assume the babies will weigh 1.75 - 2 lbs. and be about 14 inches long then. But we'll see how close my estimates are!

There was a nice surprise though. I confessed to the sono tech that when they first told us the sex of the babies, I couldn't see anything indicating that. For those who need clarification, I couldn't see a penis on either baby even with an arrow pointing to some location on the image. But every sono after, they would say that they could definitely tell it was two boys. This time, I asked her to show me again since I never could tell. Well, it was clear as Aquafina! They got a view from the bottom of each baby and you can totally see a little nub! Right now, baby A is bottom down and B is head down. They both have an excellent amount of fluid in their sacs, they are moving well and their little hearts are beating fast! All good things.

The boys have also been monitoring much better lately. I think I have the solution to them moving of the monitors so often. Once the nurse gets the monitors on and situated and leaves the room, I sing to them! I think they like the vibration!

The only other thing on my mind tonight is Anthropologie. You know, the most amazing store ever. It came up in a conversation and now I can't stop thinking about how badly I want to wander around in that store just looking at everything. That will have to be one of the first places I take my boys. hahahah!

Sorry no pictures again. Soon, soon!

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