Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Party Time

Yesterday in group, we had some serious vacation bible school activities.  I made a corn husk out of cardboard, and tissue paper to hang on my door. I made an Indian hat to wear to the upcoming party. I don't care much about the crafts but it is nice to sit in a room with some other women. Most are shy about sharing, but a couple of us try to lighten the mood.

So all this was for the party today. It was thanksgiving themed. All the nursing students put it together. They wheeled most of the women on the floor to one conference room. We all sat in chairs in a semi circle and played games. One was bingo. We threw a bean bag onto a big bingo board in the middle and had to answer the pregnancy related question that it landed on. If we got it correct, we got to claim that square towards a row or diagonal of squares for the win. I lost. Then we threw bean bags through a board with holes cut out. It was painted really cute. I lost again. The last game was the cutest. It was a ring toss. We tossed teething rings, trying to land on a baby bottle. I totally lost this one. It was great to be around so many people. There are now only three of us on the floor with twins. Last week, there were six! We all got some small prizes. I asked for two because I have to treat Nolan and Carter equally! They served us punch and some healthy snacks...all approved by a nutritionist. Speaking of hospital food, I finally got weighed and I'm still showing a gain of about 30lbs. I guess it slowed down because of the muscle loss and healthy hospital food (not sure where all my chocolate snacks went though)!

I had my glucose screening test and I'm low risk for gestational diabetes. That is definitely more good news! This week, Brad has to learn how to give me my weekly the hiney! He'll practice on an orange for now. Then on Tuesday, before I leave, he'll really give it to me! Scary!

The last couple of days, as my tummy continues to grow, I'm noticing that my skin is really sensitive to touch. Even my shirt touching my tummy is a bit uncomfortable. The nurse said that my skin is totally stretching causing the discomfort. That means the babies are growing so it is worth it!

Tomorrow morning is my sonogram! They'll tell me the weights and lengths of the babies! I'm so excited to see them! I hope my cervix is the same or longer, reassuring me that I'll go home on Tuesday.

I'm knitting like crazy still and reading a lot now that I'm totally into my book, Jodi Picoult's Change of Heart. And, I'm continuing to procrastinate writing the college rec letters. Tomorrow, I've got to get on it!

Friends and family are still visiting, bringing food or snacks, or sending gifts. I appreciate everything so much. And keep the prayers coming!

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