Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving on my mind

Brad's pretty awesome. The hospital is 45 minutes from our house. His office is very close by, but he comes to see me every day, lunch, dinner or both. He stays the night here on the weekends. He does my laundry and brings it fresh the next day. He got on me for buying stuff online and paying for shipping when he could have just picked it up in the store. He shopped at 3 different baby stores until he found the best price for our Dr. Brown bottles. He spent several nights in a row caulking, sanding and painting the crown molding we installed several weeks ago. He took the fabric for our slip cover to the laundry mat to pre wash and dry, and then delivered the rocker and fabric to the upholstery shop. He is determined to have the nursery complete for when I come home. Every day before he leaves, he holds my belly, waiting to feel a kick or two. I know he is cutting into his PTI time on TV and having to really fast forward through some games he'd probably rather take time to enjoy. He does watch Grey's Anatomy with me in the hospital and stands the monitoring interruptions and inability to pause the show or fast forward the commercials. We'd forgotten what life was like before DVR. He's constantly researching the ratings on baby items we need.  He's taking the entire Thanksgiving week off to help with the adjustment of being home on bed rest. He's so excited about having these two baby boys. He's such an amazing husband and will be an incredible dad. I am so thankful for Brad.

I heard from some of the nurses and Dr. Martin that there was another young lady here who was pregnant with twins. She had to deliver them at only 23 weeks. Babies are just considered viable at 23 weeks. I cannot imagine what her and her husband are going through. Dr. Martin thinks I'll make it pretty far. I'm so thankful that my babies are still safe in my womb.

Some of the women here don't even live close to Dallas. They've traveled far for this special medical care. They have children at home. They only get to see their families and friends on short weekend visits. I am so thankful to have such great care so close to home.

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  1. Hands down...Brad gets the best husband award! Heck, I think he gets the best Daddy award too even before the babies come. I got teary eyed just reading that blurb about him and how he is working so hard to finish the nursery before you get home, shopping 3 stores to get the best deal, laundry, and on and on...WAY TO GO BRAD! I sure hope I'm as blessed and lucky with the Toddster when our time comes. :) He's starting out on the right foot by at least watching Grey's Anatomy with me every week...I'll give him that credit for now! ;)