Sunday, February 12, 2012

Potty Training Update

In my last post, Potty Training Failures and Successes, I talked about our one weekend of many poo poos in the potty. 

It was great but it seems to be over.

They had a week of no effort at daycare and the next weekend was so busy we could hardly think about training. Then another week at daycare.

This weekend we tried again a little.  I still kinda want to do some boot camp style but Brad doesn't and a lot of people say to just let the kid do what he wants.

They still get rewards when they go pee or poo in the potty.  They get to wear car diapers (pull ups with cars on them). We tell them not to pee or poo on the cars! And they were getting a sucker but those are just too messy and take too long to eat.  So now they get one M&M candy.

We also still put them on the potty often. Right when they wake, again after breakfast, before and after naps, before bath, before bed.

Carter will seriously sit there and read his Elmo potty book FOREVER. Just go, dude!  But I guess these things can take time to work out!  He also seems to have mastered getting just a little tiny bit out, just enough for reward, only to finish in the diaper later. Not cool.

Nolan will sit for just half a second, do nothing, then say "done!" and beg to get off the potty.  So today we got out the little potties again. He seems to like those better and will sit a bit longer.

Both boys still seem to mention something to us when they need to go, they just don't like doing the business on the potty anymore. 

BUMMER!  We'll see where all this goes.  I don't want to be so forceful that they freak out and totally quit but I also want to get this show on the road!  The road just seems a little longer now!

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  1. We just brought home our potties and have had a similar experience. Our preschool teacher told me to just keep it positive, with no pressure. Some kids aren't potty trained until 4. I plan to just keep the potties available if anyone is interested, and go for it in the summer when it might be a little easier with less clothes for the boys, and more time for us.