Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seabrook Island, SC

Last week, we flew with the boys to Seabrook Island, SC. It is outside Charleston.

We left on a Friday and didn't return until the next Sunday!  It was a long trip!  Overall, it was so wonderful for Brad and I to see our boys so happy. They were seriously so full of joy on this trip!  Everything seemed like the most fun they've ever had.  We loved getting to spend some quality time with some family members and were especially thrilled to get the little cousins together!

I'm not saying they were perfect little angels or anything. That's simply not possible for 18 month olds!
And let me be honest.  This was not a vacation as typically defined by the word.  We were exhausted most of the time.  The boys woke up insanely early, took random naps and were so busy running around and enjoying their freedom that it kept Brad and I (and everyone else) on our toes constantly! We anticipated most of that but it was all well worth it!  Brad even got two games of golf in so thanks for all the koala help from the ladies during those times!

They loved the beach.

Especially playing with their same age cousin, Ronan!
They learned some cool new tricks.

They were wild at the zero entry pool. They were a little too brave with running and face planting into the water over and over like it was the coolest thing ever!
They were demanding, and quite a sight at meal times!
We all loved the fresh air, especially while riding bikes and driving the jeep with the top down!

There was lots of exploring.

We survived the heat in Charleston.
There was lots of love for cousin Ronan by the end of the week!
And here are a couple of pictures to show that their parents were also on this vacation.
A side note of great news:  Neither child climbed out of his pack-n-play the whole week! We got to return the tents we bought! yay!

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