Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still counting down!

We had another appointment Wednesday (yesterday). Everything looks wonderful! My blood pressure was back in a normal range so pre-eclampsia is no longer a big concern.  Dr. Martin measured my belly again and it is the same size as a single pregnancy at 44 weeks.  Full term is 40 weeks! I've gained 50 pounds and the numbers are still creeping up. Keep on growing, boys!

Carter and Nolan weigh 4.7 and 4.8 pounds! That's 4 and 7/10 of a pound, not 4 lbs, 7 oz.   Total of 9.5 lbs of baby! Wow!  The boys were sitting side by side in my belly, but sort of on a diagonal. Both were facing my back side so we got zero pictures! Carter was breech and Nolan was vertex again. He must be flipping around lots. If Carter doesn't flip to be vertex, we are still on track for a c-section.

I'm starting to have weird things happen to my hands. My finger joints and wrists feel very weak and ache some. My hands fall asleep very easily, too. This is because the carpal tunnel in my wrists is being somewhat constricted from swelling.  It is a normal side effect of pregnancy.  I'm also very easily winded and get out of breath, just from having a conversation! That gives Brad and I a good laugh...which makes me more winded!

The boys are kicking and squirming like crazy these days! I LOVE it! I'm trying to catch some belly movement on video but every time I take the camera out, they sit perfectly still! Carter has the hiccups like 3-4 times a day and Nolan has them so rarely that I can only count two times ever. 

It is all worth it and even more so if these boys will just stay in for 17+ more days! Since I have to go back to work after only 8 weeks postpartum, the less time they are in the NICU and home with me, the better!  I will be looking forward to summer break when I can sit with my babies by the pool and relax and go for jogs, etc.  Okay, don't burst my bubble.  It is such a lovely one, isn't it?  Brad and I both know that we really have no idea what we are in for but it will be entertaining!

Jan. 17, I'll be 34 weeks along. I can't believe it! (3 days)
Jan. 20, the cerclage will be removed. (6 days)
Jan. 25, I will stop taking all medication. (11 days)
Jan. 26, my 29th birthday! (12 days)
Jan. 31, the boys will be 36 weeks along and we hope to get at least this far! (17 days)

I'm hoping that at this point, the cerclage is just sitting there and it is the bed rest that is keeping the cervix strong. If so, maybe once it is removed, my cervix will stay strong enough on its own to keep the boys in until February!

We are sooooo incredibly thrilled to have made it this far. Now we are getting greedy and wanting to make it even farther!  Thanks for checking in! 


  1. So glad to hear you are doing well! I've kept you in my prayers to make it to the 36 week mark. You are so close! Keep up the good work momma!

  2. I want the bucket picture back.... where did you get must have raided my bedroom when you were home....What else do you have! Anyway, love reading your blog, as I've said and I hope you make a keepsake of every word and photo on it... Those two boys will one day love it!