Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Boys!

I am 34 weeks and 3 days along at this point and so happy to have come this far!

At our appointment today, Carter weighed 5.1 lbs and Nolan weighed 5.4 lbs.  Reaching 5 lbs was another one of our big goals so yay! Carter was still breech and Nolan still vertex, so that means we are still having a c-section.

The cerclage was removed this afternoon, just a quick, in-office procedure. Afterwards, Dr. Martin checked my cervix and it was 1 cm dilated with some funneling. Women can be dilated a bit for several weeks or can dilate quickly. It all just depends on what my body wants to do!

I will continue weekly appointments. My next one is Thursday. I will wait to go into labor naturally, keeping Dr. Martin informed, and when we reach the second stage (contractions less than 5 mins. apart) we'll head to the hospital for the c-section, unless the babies have turned.

We also scheduled a c-section, should I make it to 38 weeks. They usually won't keep twins in the womb any longer than that. It will be Feb. 15, bright and early!

So right now, we wait!  Hopefully 10 more days. We are so ready!

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