Sunday, August 5, 2012

Potty Time Update

After 1 week of potty training, I'm happy to report a completely accident free weekend!

Even with our outings (planned to get used to other potties): children's museum, meals out at restaurants, zoo and swimming.

These boys even manage to keep their night time and nap time pull-ups dry 90% of the time.
The kids still require lots of reminders and I will still carry extra undies and shorts with me but I'm so proud of them!

Now.....they'll still have some work to do at daycare.  They didn't make much progress during their two days there last week.  I really hope they do better this week but I feel like we've done all we can do from our end!

Here's a funny one I have to share. 

Carter had to go pee at the children's museum. But he was having too much fun and kept holding and holding it.  Finally he agreed to go to the potty.  I sat him down and he proceeded to pee.  But it didn't go in the potty. It went straight in front of him, straight at - you guessed it - me!  All over my shorts and legs.  I figured he had a lot of pee coming so I quickly picked him up, turned him around and practically held him over the potty while he finished.  During the adjustment, he was still peeing, like in a circle as I spun him around - boy had been holding it so long!   It was quite a mess.  I tried hard not to let my shock come out of my mouth because someone was in the stall next to us and I didn't want to embarrass Carter.  I told him, "good job," cleaned up as best I could.  Stall neighbor was gone by now. We washed hands and more and I had an awesome silent conversation with myself in the mirror.  It went something like this: "Oh my gosh are you kdding me! Did that really just happen? That was freaking crazy!" 

Somehow only one side of my shorts was wet and my purse happened to fall right in front of the worst of it.   Carter was clean as s wistle.  So we continued our fun at the museum! Crazy!  Does this mean I should bring a change of clothes for myself now when we go out?

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