Wednesday, March 7, 2012

time to buy a bow tie!

Okay you guys.  I seriously have some kind of obsession with making these toddler bow ties.  I really enjoy making them and forcing my poor little boys to wear them. So I bought some new material and created several more.  A couple people have asked to buy a bow tie from me for their child for Easter. So I figured why not put them out there to see if anyone else wants to buy! 

Anyway, every little boy needs a bow tie for Easter, right?

Here's the scoop.

Each bow tie is unique. Materials are all different because I select the fabric based on the pattern.  Bow ties will come with a safety pin, no neck tie.  If your kids are any bit as "I'll do it myself" as mine are, I would recommend attaching the bow tie to the shirt before dressing your boy!  For $15, including shipping in the U.S., you can choose any of my fabrics and mix and match the tie and bow!  Or you can purchase your own fabric and send it to me to me. You will pay through my paypal account and I'll ship very quickly! 

Here are several pictures but if you email me for more info, I'll send you a powerpoint of all my finished bow ties (I have 20!) and fabrics (I have 24).

And this is how cute they look on!


  1. Adorable! I made two for my boys, but they turned out a little too big. Yours are perfect. Great work.

  2. Thanks, B! I remember seeing your bow ties, actually. So cute!

  3. all your bow tie's are looking fab with beautiful prints.Fashionable Bow Tie