Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Making Ornaments:

I first have to say that all of the supplies for this activity were given to us as a gift from a Parenting magazine rep. (My husband is in media planning).  By the way, I thought that was an adorable gift idea!  The ornaments and all the little supplies were in a cute little bag.

The pictures describe the project pretty well. I set all the supplies out like you see below, hoping to encourage the boys to know what to do without too much guidance from me.  But....ya know....I definitely had to guide them so that "Let's throw the supplies" didn't become a good idea. I also took most of the fluffy balls out.  When they were in there, the bells and other noise makers were too muffled.  I do have to suggest that you glue the ornaments closed when you finish! We let our kids dance with their new ornaments and two of them popped open spilling the fake snow all over. Oh well!

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