Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My first day home for summer break, I made a list and did a little research of things to do with little ones.  I was super excited for all of our adventures to come but then started thinking about logistics.

Double stroller: great for on the move things ....mostly things that I need to get done where the koalas just have to tag along.

Child Leash: still haven't used them but this is great for outings where they need some freedom but not too much.

Well, first on my list was the splash ground. It is like a small playground at a public park but it is just a lot of little water features for splashing.   They have to be completely free to enjoy this activity.  I wasn't quite sure how it would work. How could I keep track of both of them?  I want them to be free but don't want them to get hurt or get taken!!!!

I just about nixed the idea. I was too scared to take both of them by myself. I felt trapped and at a loss.  What are we going to do all summer?  But just as we were about to head out the door, I grabbed the swim diapers, a towel and sunblock. I figured I'd drive by and scope it out first.

Upon arrival, I parked, sat in the van, and watched for a couple of minutes. The boys watched, too. They saw all the fun being had. It was small, not crowded at all and somewhat (just somewhat) contained. I felt like I could do it.  So we changed into swim diapers. I completely forgot actual swim trunks. Oh well. I lathered them up in sunblock, put on the hats and sunglasses and off we went.
They were pretty timid at first but soon got some courage after watching the other kids. Nolan seriously took off and ran circles for a straight 20 minutes.

Carter was pretty calm about it and focused on one little spout at a time. 

But eventually, Nolan completely exhausted himself and just stood completely still, watching all the kids play.  About that time, Carter started getting a little crazy with the splashing.

Most parents were sitting at the picnic tables and just watching from a slight distance but I stayed somewhat near the boys the whole time and  kept encouraging them to go by the other one.  I was still nervous.   They teased me with running off into the grass but never really did. It was too much fun splashing!

My phone pictures don't do it justice, but they were both wild!

We will definitely do it again!

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  1. Yay Rachael! Success! I know exactly how you feel and love conquering something like that. Good job Momma!!!