Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We do have a fence around our pool.  It is an eye sore beautiful.  It is safe. It is $1200 safe. Thank you to our children for increasing our tax return only to turn around and spend much of it on their safety.  WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

But I still want to teach my kids that if something falls into the pool, you shall not, under any circumstances, attempt to retrieve it.  I think kids reaching into a pool for something has got to be one of the most common causes for the accidents I cannot even speak of.

Carter gets it (for now while there is a fence up). 

I was playing handball.  I know, I'm cool like that. I was hitting a big green bouncy ball against the pool fence and trying not to break my amazing ability to hit it each time after one bounce, while increasing my speed.  Well, I guess I hit too hard and the ball went over the fence, into the pool.

Carter was very upset livid about this.  At first I thought he was just sad that I stopped showing off my handball skills. But then I realized that he realized that the ball was gone, for good, at least until daddy went inside the gate to get it.  He threw a bit of a tantrum but I had already sat down in my blue chair and it was too comfortable for me to get up and get the ball right then and there and I just pushed his and Nolan's big booties in a stroller for 45 mintues and played a mean game of handball. Also, I'm trying to teach a lesson here people!

And so to go with my lesson idea, we let the ball stay in the pool area for a good two days before getting it out. During those days that seemed like forever for the poor child, each time we went outside, Carter pointed and spoke babbled about the ball.  He was very concerned about it.  He even tried to tell his Auntie Krissi all about it.

Unretrievable my son. Sorry.

Okay, two days was enough. Here ya go sweet boy.


  1. LOVE it! Sounds like a great lesson to me!

    $1200, really? wow!

  2. Okay... I love the blogspot info... I have to share this with Granny! I hated to see you cut off the curls..... But the guys look sooooo cool. I can't believe Nolan was smiling while you were cutting his hair. Your belly muscles must hurt all the time from laughing.. I can't stand it... I can't wait to see the little rascals! You are such a great, great momma!