Thursday, May 19, 2011


No, not talking about the game, Duck Duck Goose.
I mean, duck...or by this point it is probably too late.

When Nolan holds the ball over his head in preparation for an awesome throw, you can pretty much gage the parabolic path by approximating the initial velocity and angle of depression. (That was for all you math nerds out there.)

However, when he winds up for the pitch with his arm horizontal and practically behind himself, you really should take cover.
As if his wide, focused, excited eyes don't give you enough warning.
The release is inconsistant and powerful. The ball goes far and fast.
The follow-through is surprisingly impressive; the aim, not so much.
So are you wondering if there was enough spin on that ball to hit the camera lense? or mommy in the eye?  I'll never tell.
Whose idea was it to give him a golf ball to throw anyway? Ping pong would have been way better.

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