Wednesday, August 18, 2010

lots of catching up to do!

Lots of new pictures are up on our website. the link is to the right of the page.

My brother married Molly in Tulsa, July 10! Amazing time...and our first experience with a sitter. It was a little weak though because we brought the boys to the wedding then took them to our hotel room around 10pm and put them to bed. The sitter just sat there while they slept! It was also great for the boys to see their cousin, Ronan!

The rest of July was travel free, finally!  We had some free time but it went so fast! We practiced sitting up, lots!

and we finally attended a Richardson Community Band outdoor concert. The boys loved it!

The boys had their 6 month appointment. Nolan was measured a half an inch taller than Carter! Crazy! carter is 18 lbs and Nolan is 15 lbs. (He needs to work on keeping his food down!) Carter had his second ear infection but we caught it and treated it before it he went crazy. They are now eating lots of baby food!  They love it!  I pureed lots of fruits and veggies this summer and I hope I can keep it up now that I'm back to work.

August 1, I hosted some good Delta Gamma friends for a baby play date!  We had my boys, Clara and George (the Hadjioannou twins), Alice McIlvain, and Avery Adami! Their ages ranged from 6 months to just over 1 year! I can't believe we didn't get a group shot of all the kiddos! Here are Alice, Carter and George.

August 11, we flew with the boys to D.C. We had a wonderful visit with Brad's high school friends and their children, Taylor, Matt and Molly!

August 13, Brad and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! We spent the weekend in Annapolis, MD, staying on Krissi (Brad's sister) and Eric's sailboat. They made the perfect little bunk for the boys to sleep and it was such a relaxing time! (minus the insane amount of spit up from the boys on Sunday). Krissi thinks I had a bit too much of that yummy salsa!

We returned home Sunday night and quickly prepared for my first day back at work and the boys' first day of daycare. Brad dropped them off Monday morning and was in such a tizzy that he forgot to say goodbye to the boys! I tried to let myself be distracted all day at work, but couldn't stop thinking about them!  Sure enough, they hardly took naps but otherwise did great. Days 2 and 3 were steadily better. They will adjust soon enough! I can hardly describe the anticipation I feel driving to pick them up and sheer joy I feel when I first hold them! I ADORE my babies!

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  1. Carter is cool, but Nolan is up to something.... watch him carefully... he's planning something and will involve Carter.....