Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Month Old!

Wow! I can't believe it has been over a month! I feel like every time I look at these boys, they have changed. Nolan is finally getting some chubby cheeks (from the skin and bones he was before) and Carter is seriously chunking up! Here's the link to new pictures!

We had an appointment Wednesday and here's the latest:

Nolan weighs 6.5 lbs and is 19.25 inches long. He is barely making the percentile charts!  He gained about a half a pound in 2 weeks. Dr. says this is fine.

Carter weighs 8 lbs and is 20.25 inches long. He is in the 10th percentile for all of his measurements! He gained 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks. This boy seriously LOVES to eat!

I'm so glad they are both growing, whatever the rate! Here is a picture that really captures their size difference. They are so close in lengths but Carter is so much chunkier than Nolan! I mean, he's even trying to eat Nolan's hand!

Well, since the last post, the poop rockets have really calmed down. Thank goodness! But gas has picked up. Brad does a little baby yoga to help them get the gas out.  He swears by it!

I don't know what happened but in the last two weeks, sleep has been even harder to come by! They get a little fussy at night (more discomfort in the evening says the pediatrician). So we try to put them down by 9, but they'll have none of it!  We try to settle them but before we know it, it is time for their next feeding.  Finally after that (usually, 11 or 12), they pass out. =)  And like clockwork, they are up and super hungry at 3, 6, and 9. Of course, those hours change each night. And when it takes an hour to feed them, burp them, change them, then pump, I can get a couple of hours of sleep in before the next feeding. During the week, I do the night feedings alone for the most part so Brad is able to function at work, though occasionally I have to shout for Brad through the monitor! And, if they would just go back to sleep one last time in the early morning, I could really use those extra 2 hours!

Speaking of extra sleep, Brad's mom, Suzanne, has been here a week now and REALLY helps soothe the boys early in the morning so I can try to sleep a bit more. His dad, Michael, is here too and let me tell you they are just in love with these sweet boys! Here they are with cousin Hawthorne.
Just before their visit, my Dad and Ann came for the weekend to meet the boys. We had so much fun, out to dinner two nights in a row with the babies.  I can't lie, I love showing them off and so did Dad!
And before that....dun dun dun!!! I was home alone for my first week with the boys! IT WAS HARD!  After all the visits before that, I think the solitude made my hormones take over and I cried a lot! One minute, I'd be feeding them and just say, "This is so hard!" and start crying. The next minute, I would just look one of those boys in the eyes and say, "Oh my goodness you are so incredible and perfect and we made you!" and start crying. Oh my, it is making me cry again!  I had to start a little mantra: No crying once your make up is on! Yes, I put make up on. It makes me feel better each day. =) 

Despite the difficulties of being bossed around by my babies, I've been able to take charge some and we actually made it out alone a couple of times! Thursday was the grocery and Friday was the Babies R Us trip!  Both a complete success. I think I just wanted to see if I could actually get out alone with two babies. Now that I know it can be done, I really have no desire to do it again! I mean, at the grocery, I pushed the double stroller in front of me and pulled a full grocery cart behind. It was a sight! At Babies R Us, a lady stopped me, said she had 3 sets of twins and that I should get home and get to sleep whenever they are sleeping. I know I should do that but I feel like there is so much I want to get done between feedings!

So, have you heard of the mommy hair cut? It seems like so many women chop their hair off once they have a baby (or two). Well I swore I would keep my long hair. I went to have a much needed trim yesterday and she did a great job with lots of layers. I came home and the layers really started to bother me. There wasn't enough of the long length. It felt like I had a rat tail. Ha ha! I totally went to my bathroom today and chopped it all off to the shortest layer! I measured 7 inches cut off at home and 2 cut off at the salon. I can't believe I had that much hair!  I think I need someone to clean up the back but overall, I like it! I don't think I've ever just cut my hair myself before! Anyway, I'm embracing my mommy haircut!
Okay...3.5 weeks until I go back to work. DREADING it!!! I've got to get some sort of schedule going for these boys and have got to get some milk stored up!  Tomorrow we are attempting to make it to church. Wish us luck!  Oh and since Brad didn't make any other pictures on the blog, here's one of him trying calm both the babies at once, early in the morning. He was letting me sleep a bit more! Thank you, sweetheart!


  1. Loving the Mom chop! I can't believe it's only 3.5 weeks until you go back. I need to bring Peg over to see the babies :)

  2. I can't get over how the little guys have changed. What in the world is up with Carter? They really look different. I can't believe how they've changed in just two weeks. Ronan is about the same weight as Nolan right now. That's crazy! They both look so healthy. Whatever you and Brad are doing (despite the lack of sleep) looks good on the babies. I love your haircut...and where did your belly go?... already!

    Did Brad have a nice birthday?

    I love you.

    Oh, I washed my phone so I don't have a reliable one at the moment. I was in a big hurry when I got back from Aaron's and Ginger's to wash clothes and go to bed early. And another thing, too, I got the Coastal Living magazine... and I love it... I want to go to Dauphin Island.... Dakota is leaving here in June, so I don't know if we can train a replacement in time for a vacation this year. I'll try to get a phone working, and give you a call!