Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great appointment update!

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Things are going really well!

Carter (formerly known as baby A) weighs 3 lbs. Nolan (formerly known as baby B) weighs 2.7 lbs.  I can't believe there are nearly 6 pounds of baby in me!  At my appointment, I was 29 weeks, 3 days.  Carter measured 29 weeks, 1 day. Nolan measured 28 weeks 6 days.  Since this is based on my projected due date, both babies are basically right on schedule!  They each have plenty of fluid in their sacs; their heart rates are good. Carter was at 140 bpm and Nolan was at 160 bpm.  Nolan's heart rate has been higher than Carter's every single time.  Wonder what this tells us about their personalities???

Since everything looked so great, I asked the doctor if I could attend some Christmas parties/dinners with friends and family, even if I just stop by for a bit and stay reclined.  Definitely not going to happen. He said "what you are doing right now is working so let's not change a thing." Understood. Another welcome reminder that I no longer come first.

I've added the new sonogram pictures to the slide show. Click here to view them all! Here are some funny ones of Carter. First he had his fingers in his mouth and after about 5 minutes, he had his toes in his mouth!  What is going on in there?

Nolan was in a strange position, so she could only capture this face shot.  

I'm starting to find it really funny that when the sono tech measures my cervix, she is quick and stratight forward. As soon as she gets the first glimpse of a baby, she turns on her baby charm like crazy! Baby talk, full force. It is hilarious. "OOoohh wook at zah wittle sweet baby. Say I gots my fingers in my mouf! Yes I do!" Brad and I are like, "awh, so cool!" It does seem like she loves her job so she can talk baby-talk all she wants!

Here's the goal update:
26 weeks: reached!
28 weeks: reached!
32 weeks: Will be reached Jan. 3, 16 more days.
36 weeks: Will be reached Feb. 1, 45 more days. 

Both babies were still breech-ish at this appointment. I'm practicing magical thinking and prayer to get them to turn head down so I can try to avoid a c-section. The doctor said they don't give up on them turning until delivery day. So there is still a chance!


  1. Hi Rach,

    Ginger and I are here reading your blog. Is there anything you need and don't want to ask for?
    The flexus lexus is dying...just spent 1300 on it and it's still broken...ahhhhh.
    I'm looking at getting a truck or beater.


  2. Rachael,
    Keep up the good work, mama! You're doing awesome! I must confess, it's only going to get more uncomfortable from here :(, but those babies are looking good. Just think, 2010, you're in the year that they will be born...YAY!
    Jessie Green